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This is a list of the web apps I made at different times. Some of these apps were Java applets for a while, but later, with the advent of the feature-rich JavaScript, they were eventually converted to JS.

Aether, a 3D model of the celestial sphere

A minimalistic night sky map, a 3D model of the celestial sphere with the stars and constellations observable with the naked eye. Language: JavaScript. Literature: "Astronomy on the Personal Computer" by O. Montenbruck and Th. Pfleger. The Sphere app is its blank geometrical prototype. The name stands for 'upper air' or 'sky' in Latin.


Tyler is a JS framework for building clean loosely coupled self-contained web app components, or tiles.

Landcarte, a Google Maps jQuery plugin

Landcarte is a jQuery plugin and a JavaScript library providing a simple and concise way to embed geographic maps into a web page and make use of their numerous features, including markers, shapes, layers, user interaction events and geocoding. In its core, Landcarte is based on the Google Maps API v3 and jQuery.

Barriers, computation of the potential barrier transmittance

A simulation of a charged particle travelling through a nanoscale layered structure, e.g. an electron in a semiconductor layer. The computation of the transmittance of a charged particle's potential barrier is based on the transfer-matrix method. Language: JavaScript.

Peak, discrete absorption spectrum analysis

An infrared (FTIR) absorption spectrum analysis utility, which converts an IR transmittance spectrum into an absorbance spectrum and detects its peaks. Language: JavaScript.

Splice, piecewise-defined curve splicing

A piecewise-defined curve splicing app, which can be used to put together separately measured pieces of a broad-range spectrum. Language: JavaScript.


A simple 3D graphics demo based on the 2D graphics primitives. It is the direct predecessor of the celestial sphere model. Language: JavaScript.

Gothic Language Dictionary

A Gothic—English and English—Gothic dictionary with etymologies. (Gothic is an East Germanic language, almost entirely extinct by the 8th or 9th century.)

Dialect map, geotagged records of live language

The geodata coverage is limited to the Alemannic dialects (Swiss German) spoken across and around Switzerland.


A demo of the real-time positions of the two major celestial bodies. Language: JavaScript.

ExtendedLatin, a Firefox browser extension

A Firefox browser add-on that provides an easy way of typing special characters of the European languages with the most common diactritics, or accents, on an English QWERTY keyboard layout.

Venedica, an internationalization system of Cyrillic

A Latin-based internationalization system of the Slavic languages, including Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, primarily written in the Cyrillic script. It has much in common with the writing systems of the other Slavic languages and the academic transliteration system of the Cyrillic script with more emphasis on the specific phonetical features.